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Automation & Industrial Electrician Services

Quality counts when your business needs reliable and efficient power systems. For your next electrical, PLC, automation or control project call us. We have the expertise to deliver your project successfully. We offer a complete range of electrical services to fulfill the needs of your installation. Our specialty is coming up with superior systems that boost efficiency, reduce down-time and increase the safety of your installation and its surrounding components. We're also fully licensed, bonded and insured.


Automation & Control Solutions

Providing customized solutions that not only power your machine(s) but also control them in a safe and efficient manner is our specialty. We provide industrial automation systems for small to mid-sized ($2500.00 - $250,000.00) applications that increase productivity, function safely and operate reliably for the long term. If you’re having challenges finding a company with the expertise to meet your requirements and that will take the time to understand your vision; we provide what you’ve been looking for.


  • PLC and PAC controllers

  • VFD and Softstart drives

  • HMI and manual interfaces

  • Electro-mechanical solutions

  • Industrial networking, Ethernet etc.

  • ESD safety shutdown

  • Sensors ranging from photoelectric, thermocouple, RTD, pressure, level, inductive and magnetic proximity to laser, flow, vibration and current

  • Remote monitoring and SCADA systems via radio, cellular, satellite, phone and IP


Expertise Backed by Experience

Experienced in 3 phase and 1 phase power distribution systems, electrical CAD design, PLC, VFD, HMI programming, material procurement and modern electrical and control trade knowledge; we have the ability to provide your organization a complete solution in one stop.


As a certified BC Electrical Contractor, BCSA Field safety representative, Journeyman Red Seal Electrician and Certified PLC programming technician, the solutions to your industry’s challenge are available. We also maintain reliable, quality working relationships with many other trades should your application require hydraulic, pneumatic, machining or other specialized sub-systems.

Industrial automation
Electrical contracting



Innovative and Quality Electrical Services

We offer our electrical contracting capabilities as a stand-alone service to our clients, should this be a better fit to the project being undertaken. We design, procure, install and/or service the complete electrical power system for your installation, whatever the scope. As a certified BC Electrical Contractor, BCSA Field safety representative and Journeyman Red Seal Electrician we provide all permitting requirements, bonding and insurance for your next project.


  • 3 phase systems

  • 1 phase systems

  • Motors

  • Pumps

  • Fans

  • Transformers

  • Switchgear

  • MCC’S

  • Power cabling

  • Conduit installations

  • Hazardous locations

  • Cable Tray installations

  • Portable equipment

  • HVAC systems

  • Grounding systems

  • Underground and overhead installations

  • Control cabling and shielding


Some of our clients require only the power and switchgear or control cabling and termination to run their equipment with other systems being provided by a third party. This is particularly true in large refrigeration projects, industrial process heating or compression, or where company-wide policy dictates who provides each scope of the project. Recent projects have included a 480Vac 800A 3 phase service, 480V step-up ungrounded feeder system, Line heater power and control system and numerous 400A and 200A 1 phase services.We have current knowledge in all facets of the distribution system from 12vdc panel mount power supplies up to 750Vac distribution.





Professional Electrical Services

Bjarnason’s Electrical Service Ltd. is well versed in the operation of many systems employed in the facilities that make up our daily lives. If your equipment is giving you trouble, or isn’t operating the way it should, we can help. Our experience comes from our in-depth technical training and numerous service calls to our clients’ establishments. Some of our services include:


  • Electrical troubleshooting

  • Meg-ohm testing

  • Infrared thermography

  • Motors

  • Pumps

  • Contactors

  • Lighting

  • HVAC

  • Fuses


Proactive Infrared Thermography Maintenance Services

We also offer infrared thermography for those who prefer a proactive approach in their maintenance program. Combined with a solid understanding of electrical theory, this tool can be utilized to determine which areas of the electrical system are weak and in need of attention. Oftentimes a simple re-torque on the electrical connection in question will provide years of continued use vs. a failed component and peripheral damage.


Avoid Downtime For Your Business

Clients who rely on our electrical services are involved in many industries, including food and beverage processing, material handling, utilities providers, aggregate processing and manufacturing. When we receive a call for service, one of the biggest factors weighing on our decisions is downtime for your business.


We are acutely aware of the fact that not only are you faced with the costs incurred with repairing your equipment, you have employees who are not able to produce, potential for spoiled product and no revenue being generated by the malfunctioning system. Lets get it fixed! Next time you need your system up and running, give us a call.


Service and maintenance
Generators and standby power


Un-Interrupted Power Solutions

Does your installation need power, even when there is none? The utility grid is a reliable system for the majority of electrical systems, but if yours is located far from a utility connection or the equipment cannot afford to be offline, we have solutions to address the need. Whether you require absolute zero power interruption, or just need a stand-by source to ride you through an occasional utility outage, many options can be discussed including:


  • Diesel, natural gas, propane and gasoline fired generator units

  • Automatic transfer switches

  • Manual transfer switches

  • UPS battery backup systems

  • UPS bypass transfer switches

  • Load management systems

  • Net metering equipment

  • Kohler, Cummins, Generac

Large-Scale Back-up Plans

We’ve installed numerous generator systems and standby power systems for a diverse group of clients. From server equipment that hosts the business systems of a major Canadian electrical wholesaler, to those who need their water system operable in the event of a power outage, we’ve been there. When one of BC’s primary gas transmission utilities required standby backup power for their pipeline equipment they relied on us to install the required system. In service, with no interruptions to date, the project has been a success for everyone involved.



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