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Automation & Industrial Electrical Projects

We have been contracted to deliver many successful projects to date. From the initial consultation, drafting and design, to the installation of all types of electrical, automation and control systems; Bjarnason's Electrical Service Ltd. delivers what we promise. Take a look through some of our  recent projects below.



BC Tree Fruits Cooperative

As we are located in one of the best agricultural regions of BC, another project recently completed was the power and control system for an industrial cooling system that handles 4’x4’ fruit bins and reduces temperature to 2°C. Throughput each season hovers between 900 000-1 500 000 lbs. In addition, numerous control systems have been designed, installed and commissioned by Bjarnason’s Electrical Service for wood heating systems, floor-heat systems, manufacturing, burner controls, bag houses and bottle washers.


"BC Tree Fruits Cooperative completed a substantial expansion to our Creston plant in 2013 with the installation of a cherry hydro cooler system. This required new panels, lines, a large transformer and controls to automate the system.  We used Bjarnason’s Electrical Service for the 2 month project with absolute satisfaction with the outcome.  Bjarnason’s Electrical delivers on time and on budget dealing with challenges and changes with attention and experience.  When it was time for inspection, the only comment from the BC Safety Authority was "Great Job!."


"We also rely on Bjarnason’s Electrical to deal with ongoing maintenance and repairs at our warehouse.  As a commercial facility, we rely on Bjarnason’s Electrical to provide dedicated and immediate response to issues to allow us to provide continuous service to our clients.  We are pleased to offer our sincere appreciation for their quality service and professionalism."

- Betty Ogden - Plant Manager

BC Tree Fruits Cooperative


FortisBC Inc., Sullivan Stone Ltd., Imasco Minerals Ltd.

One of our recent projects was a complete power and control system for an aggregate processing company. The system required 480V power distribution and a PLC control system to operate over 20 motor loads in the aggregate classifying system. A staged start sequence was required to ease the load on the diesel generator which supplied the system via an un-grounded 480Vac 3 phase 200A service. The I/O for the project monitored motor run status; overload status and operator inputs for each section of the system. VFD control on the large motor loads was interfaced with the PLC to further reduce fatigue on the electrical system and provide fine tuning of the speeds on the associated conveyors and screens.


"We need an electrical contractor who can complete our projects in a timely fashion, the first time. Bjarnason's Electrical Service Ltd. has the expertise and interest do just that, year after year. Their quality of workmanship is second to none."


- Kevin T. - Project Manager


" I really like the work that Bjarnason's Electrical Service did for us. They did a very professional job that was on time and on budget. Our expensive equipment was up and running right away. Bjarnason was great to work with - I would certainly recommend them."

- Marc Dueck - Owner

Sullivan Stone Ltd.



FortisBC Ltd., TWS Ltd.
Recently we had a request for a stand-by system that would provide power to the electrical system that we were installing at a clients establishment. The main electrical service was located remotely from each of the four main electrical loads. At each of these loads there were circuits deemed essential and the rest were to be powered only by the utility. In conjunction with the local authorities, we were able to design, specify and install a load management system that eliminated the need for two separate electrical power systems, 1 normal power and 1 essential power. This resulted in a clean, efficient installation and reduced cabling costs by 40%



Baillie Grohman Estate Winery Ltd.

We recently had a call for service to an establishment that requires an industrial cooling system to keep its product at a particular temperature year-round. The system seemed to fail each time there was a power outage. Initially it was thought that some control equipment inside the unit had failed but we took the time to track down the actual issue. After lengthy examination the problem was discovered to be a poorly installed cable on the exterior of the building which had de-graded over time and begun to exhibit the slightest of short-circuits whenever the power was initially restored (in-rush current). Upon repair of the cable in question the system has operated without interruption since saving the company the expense of bringing in a technician from Kelowna. 


“Making wine and making it well is a science as well as an art. The last thing we need once our fermentations are in progress is an equipment failure. Bjarnason’s has proven their ability to keep us going and growing with their technical knowledge and ability to troubleshoot and repair our systems.” 


- Robert Johnson - Owner

Baillie-Grohman Winery


Primary Processing Company

In another case, an industrial processing client had consistent trouble each time a seasonal electrical storm would pass over their facility. Costly motor control equipment would, without fail, be irreparably damaged and a scurry to source and install a replacement would ensue. Bjarnason’s Electrical Service Ltd. was contacted to address the situation and it was deemed that local surge protection modules were the solution to the ongoing issues. The required equipment was sourced, delivered and installed within 2 weeks of the last failure and the equipment has operated without interruption through 3 seasons since.

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